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in the Human Biospecimen Marketplace.

Smartsourcing in the Human Biospecimen Marketplace.

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Smartsourcing advocates creating intelligent partnerships with key contributors to ensure a company’s long-term success. In today’s competitive life sciences industry and in the human biospecimens marketplace in particular, this means building partnerships with clinical research organizations who can bring innovative, forward thinking product and service relationships to your clinical development programs. 

Smartsourcing human biospecimens with a trusted partner will ultimately allow your company to focus on its core competencies and skill sets while building proprietary technologies in the race to the healthcare marketplace. 

Critical Factors for Your Success.

Collecting the increasingly important clinical research samples that you’ll need for your new medical devices’ pre-clinical validation study, FDA 510k, Pre-Market Approval (PMA) or EU Medical Device approval application can often-time be the critical factor for success. Certainly, it makes a lot of sense to deploy a Smartsourcing approach when it comes to purchasing processes of this consequence.

Innovative Product and Service Platforms.

At Discovery Life Sciences, we can provide the skill set, knowledge, experience  and perhaps more importantly – the innovative product and service platforms that you’ll need to advance your new diagnostic test or detection technology in clinical development. 

  • Research Sample bioBank: Where You’ll Find over 350,000 Clinical Research Samples. Overnight Delivery.  Learn more » 
  • Discovery Partners®: Our Worldwide Network of Clinical Sites and Principal Investigators.  Learn more »

Our Philosophy

Philosophically, our Smartsourcing approach begins with developing intelligent forward-thinking clinical research relationships with patients, institutions and physicians in the community.

  • These “left over” and soon-to-be-discarded medical waste products are important human bioresources and that repurposing them is an important conservation activity that in many respects preserves a high form of renewable scientific and intellectual energy.
  • We maintain the highest level of respect for participating patients who want their privacy and medical data protected and for physicians who recruit them to our research programs.
  • We understand the rapidly evolving and changing regulatory, social, political and scientific landscape in the US for those who utilize human biospecimens for research purposes.
  • We work closely with medical institutions to align the ethical interests and moral obligations of all constituencies involved in the identification, collection, storage and distribution of these important human bioresources.

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