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Packaging and Delivery of Human Biospecimens.

Packaging and Delivery of Human Biospecimens.

All human and animal biospecimens packaged for delivery within the United States and Internationally (both import and export) are subject to a number of local, state, federal and international regulations. All infectious and non-infectious human biological-based materials are packaged and handled by IATA-trained and certified DLS personnel. Infectious substances are packaged in accordance with IATA Regulation 6.2, Packaging Instruction 650 (UN 3373), ICAO and US DOT Hazmat regulations.

Please use caution: Materials provided are derived from human blood, tissue, and other human biofluids. Handle all samples as if capable of potentially transmitting infectious agents. Practice good laboratory techniques and dispose of in properly marked medical waste containers.

We will notify you by email when your package is ready to ship and an AWB number has been assigned so that you may track your order.

  1. All domestic orders are shipped primarily via Federal Express Priority Overnight. Orders outside the US are delivered via Federal Express International Priority unless otherwise instructed. Our dry ice/biological specimen preparation and packaging fee is $50.00 per box. Shipping fees are a separate line item and are added to your invoice. World Courier can be a good shipping option in circumstances where delivery by Federal Express are seen as problematic.
  2. If instructed, we can use your FedEx account number. When doing so our Dry Ice/Biological Specimen preparation and packaging fee is: $50.00 per box for shipments traveling in the United States. International shipments require an additional quantity of dry ice and packaging, therefore we will charge $100.00 per box and add these charges to your invoice.
  3. For International shipments, any remaining duties and taxes are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed accordingly.
  4. Please contact us: (805) 528-4341 if you have any questions or concerns.