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Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Clinical Research Samples

Discovery Life Sciences provides the highest quality Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Clinical Research Samples and Residual Diagnostic Specimens from the Life Science Industry’s only convenient online, open access Biobank. 

  • All Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Sample Orders are Packaged for Delivery within 24 Hours. 
  • All Specimens Ethically Obtained, De-Identified and provided with Highly Annotated Demographic and Clinical Data.
  • Select from an HHS/OHRP Compliant Biorepository following ISBER/BBRB Guidelines.
  • Packaged in Compliance with all UN Regulations (6.2) and U.S. DOT Hazmat regulations. 
Showing 56 of 56 total samples
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Showing 56 of 56 total samples
Product IDSampleOriginMatrixVial (ml)QuantityPriceAgeGenderEthnicityStorage TempSample DateTest 1Test Data 1Product
Additional Information 1Additional Data 1Additional Detail 1Additional Information 2Additional Data 2Additional Information 3Additional Data 3Additional Information 4Additional Data 4Additional Information 5Additional Data 5Additional Information 6Additional Data 6Additional Information 7Additional Data 7
KH19-087171Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0079 YFWhite<-70C23-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-087172Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0064 YMWhite<-70C23-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.03 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-087173Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0086 YMWhite<-70C11-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect462 pg/mLBNP
KH19-087174Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0086 YFWhite<-70C24-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-087175Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0040 YFBlack<-70C23-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.03 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-087465Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0074 YMWhite<-70C28-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.23 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090705Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0061 YMWhite<-70C12-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090706Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0050 YMWhite<-70C17-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect82 ng/mLMyoglobin
KH19-090707Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum2.001.00$75.0082 YMWhite<-70C17-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.57 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090708Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum2.251.00$75.0063 YFWhite<-70C17-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect<0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090709Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.751.00$75.0057 YMWhite<-70C12-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.03 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090710Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.751.00$75.0063 YFWhite<-70C01-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.43 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090711Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum2.251.00$75.0074 YMWhite<-70C04-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090712Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0052 YMWhite<-70C04-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090713Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.751.00$75.0052 YFWhite<-70C13-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect21 pg/mLBNP
KH19-090714Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0089 + YFWhite<-70C17-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.07 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-090715Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0069 YMU/A<-70C17-May-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect2.56 ng/mLTroponin I
DLS0104894-SDiabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.003.00$100.0062 YFWhite<-70C09-Jul-19Clinical DiagnosisT2D | Hypertension$100.00Initial Date of Diagnosis1999 | 2004T2D | HypertensionDiagnosis Determined byDr. Visit | BloodworkCo-morbiditieschronic fatigue, primary insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, mild persistent ashthma without complication, memory deficit, long term current use of insulin,depressive disorder without psychotic features without prior episode, mixed hyperlipidemia, seasonal allergies, chronic pain syndrome, historia of asthmaAll Known Resultscbc, cmp, ua, lipid panel, hgbA1c, albumin random urine, tsh, vitamin d-25hydroxy, t3 freeBlood Pressure140/80Height | Weight5'6 | 201Current Medicationsdiltiazem 60mg, montelukast sodium 10mg, losartan potassium 100mg, albuterol sulfate 2.5mg, advair diskus 250-50mcg, venlafaxine 75mg
DLS0104895-SDiabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.004.00$100.0037 YMHispanic<-70C09-Jul-19Clinical DiagnosisT2D | Hypertension$100.00Initial Date of Diagnosis2005 | 2008T2D | HypertensionDiagnosis Determined byDr. Visit | BloodworkCo-morbiditieshepatitis c antibody test positive, hyperlipidemia, iron deficiency anemia due to chronic blood loss, rectal bleeding, esophagitis determined by endoscopy, ugib, acute pancreatitis, secondary esophageal varices with bleeding, chronic viral hepatitis c, cirrhosis of liver, portal systemic vascular shunt, phimosis of penisAll Known Resultscbc, glycomark, cmp, lipid panel, microalbumin random urine, hepatitis panel, hepatitis c viral, iron and tibc, c-peptide, HbgA1c, crp high sensitivityBlood Pressure136/80Height | Weight6'1 | 266Current Medicationsthiamine 100mg, nadolol 20mg, colace 100mg, lactulose 10gm, ferrous sulfate 325mg, ergocalciferol 50000 unit, humalog 100 unit, protonix 40mg, losartan potassium 50mg, lantus 100 unit, senna 8.6 mg, omeprazaole 20mg, ondansetron 4 mg,
DLS0104897-SDiabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.003.00$100.0067 YMAsian<-70C09-Jul-19Clinical DiagnosisT2D$100.00Initial Date of Diagnosis2007T2DDiagnosis Determined byDr. Visit | BloodworkCo-morbiditieslong term current use of insulin, hyperlipidemia, prostatic hyperplasia without lower urinary tract symptoms, diabetic polyneuropathy associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus, acquired hypothyroidism, flu-like symptoms, pharyngitis, tachycardia, facet arthropathy cervical, radiculopathy affecting upper extremity, sprain of calcaneofibular ligament of right ankleAll Known Resultscbc, glycomark, cmp, lipid panel, hgbA1c, microalbumin random urine, C-peptide insulin, tsh, Blood Pressure124/70Height | Weight6'0 | 217Current Medicationsamlodipine besy-benazepril 5-50mg, ozempic 0.25mg, lantus 100 unit, metformin 1000mg, levothyroxine sodium 150mg, avodart 0.5 mg, gabapentin 400mg, pravastatin sodium 40mg, tamsulosin 0.4mg, medrol 4mg, vascepa 1 gm, novolog 100 unit
DLS0104899-SDiabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.003.00$100.0058 YFHispanic<-70C09-Jul-19Clinical DiagnosisT2D | Hypertension$100.00Initial Date of Diagnosis2011 | 2019T2D | HypertensionDiagnosis Determined byDr. Visit | BloodworkCo-morbiditieshyperlipidemia, low back pain radiating down leg, s/p cholecystectomy, pain of right lower extremity, sob, abnormal dullness to percussion of chest, uri with cough and congestion, respiratory infection, moderate persistent ashtma with status asthmaticus, low libido, seasonal allergies, memory loss, history of head injury, history of stroke, gastroesophageal reflux disease without esophagitis, snores, neck enlargmentAll Known Resultscbc, c-peptide insulin, glycomark, lipid panel, liver profile, urogram with reflex to microscopic and culture, hgbA1c, tsh, estradiol, testosterone free and totalBlood Pressure120/70Height | Weight5'0 | 208Current Medicationsvictoza 18mg, invokana 100mg, byetta 5 mcg, montelukast sodium 10mg, levemir flextouch, hcg troches 500mg, omeprazole 40mg, pioglitazone 30mg, escitalopram oxalate 10mg, ipratropium-albuterol 0.5-2.5mg, tessalon perles 100mg, prednisone 10mg, levaquin 500mg, metformin 1000mg, lisinopril 10mg,
DLS0104900-SDiabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.003.00$100.0068 YFHispanic<-70C09-Jul-19Clinical DiagnosisT2D | Hypertension$100.00Initial Date of Diagnosis2018 | 2019T2D | HypertensionDiagnosis Determined byDr. Visit | BloodworkCo-morbiditiesmultiple falls, periumbilical abdominal pain, post traumatic osteoarthritis of the left shoulder, hyperlipidemia, positive colorectal cancer screening using cologuard testAll Known Resultscbc, crp. C-peptide, tsh, lipid panel, cmp, liver profile, cologuardBlood Pressure136/84Height | Weight5'3 | 232Current Medicationslosartan potassium 50mg, metformin 500mg, pioglitazone 15mg, aspirin 81mg, pravastatin sodium 10mg
KH19-091084Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0060 YMWhite<-70C18-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.02 ng/mLTrroponin I
KH19-091642Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0060 YMWhite<-70C17-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.55 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-091641Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0072 YMWhite<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CMIA | Chemiflex56 pg/mLBNP
KH19-092774Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0065 YFWhite<-70C15-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CMIA | Chemiflex1524 ng/mLMyoglobin
KH19-093320Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0043 YFBlack<-70C24-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093316Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0054 YFBlack<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093219Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum2.001.00$75.0070 YMWhite<-70C22-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.06Troponin I
KH19-093220Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0065 YMWhite<-70C22-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.06Troponin I
KH19-093313Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0070 YFWhite<-70C07-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093314Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0062 YFBlack<-70C23-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093315Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0079 YFWhite<-70C24-Jun-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.02Troponin I
KH19-093317Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0077 YMBlack<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093318Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0040 YMBlack<-70C17-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093319Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0069 YFBlack<-70C25-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093321Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0076 YFWhite<-70C07-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.02Troponin I
KH19-093322Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0053 YFWhite<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01Troponin I
KH19-093323Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0048 YMWhite<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect28 pg/mLBNP
KH19-093324Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0057 YFBlack<-70C27-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.07Troponin I
KH19-093325Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0053 YFWhite<-70C02-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA1.14Troponin I
KH19-093326Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0080 YFWhite<-70C28-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect633 pg/mLBNP
KH19-093327Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0054 YFBlack<-70C24-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.01Troponin I
KH19-093328Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0085 YMWhite<-70C18-Jul-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.02Troponin I
KH19-092380Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0056 YMBlack<-70C01-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00<0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-092381Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0055 YMAsian<-70C01-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00625 pg/mLBNP
KH19-092382Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0078 YMBlack<-70C17-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.000.14 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-095622Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0063 YMHispanic<-70C10-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CMIA | Chemiflex80 pg/mLBNP
KH19-095624Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0057 YMU/A<-70C19-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-095623Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.751.00$75.0066 YFWhite<-70C14-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CMIA | Chemiflex43 pg/mLBNP
KH19-095621Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum2.001.00$75.0058 YMWhite<-70C17-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect | CLIA<0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-093978Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.001.00$75.0083 YMBlack<-70C02-Sep-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.02 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-093977Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0050 YFWhite<-70C29-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-093979Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0062 YMAsian<-70C15-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.01 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-093981Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.251.00$75.0070 YMWhite<-70C03-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect0.15 ng/mLTroponin I
KH19-093980Diabetes Mellitus Type 2USASerum1.501.00$75.0053 YFBlack<-70C11-Aug-19DiagnosisT2D$75.00Abbott Architect<0.01 ng/mLTroponin I

Keep in mind that all the samples comprised in the Research Sample Biobank represent only a small number of the clinical research specimens available through our Discovery Partners™ clinical research programs. If you can’t find the specific sample type, specimen or biofluids you are looking for please make sure to call our client services group at 805.528.4341 - and ask how we can help support your project from resources available at active clinical sites.

Please read carefully before purchasing:

Clinical specimens for research use only.

Transmissible Infectious Risk! May be HIV, HBV and HCV REACTIVE or of unknown infectious agent test status. Materials provided are derived from human blood, tissue and other bio-fluids. Handle all samples as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Practice good laboratory technique and dispose of in properly marked medical waste.

If you need help searching for a LARGER SAMPLE SET with specific data elements, please contact our Client Services group who can format Excel spreadsheets for a comprehensive review of all available samples: USA (805) 528-4341

These products are supplied without warranty for suitability for specific applications or analytical determinations.

Specimens and data will be may be used for general biomarker research, assay and instrument validation purposes only. All Research products identified as “Diagnostic Remnant Samples” are human biological materials leftover from routine laboratory analysis and are de-identified (coded) to protect subject confidentiality. Under OHRP definition 45 CFR 46.102(f) these coded specimens are not considered subjects for Human research requiring informed consent. Specimens cannot be used for whole genomic sequencing of genetic material. Research products designated as “Clinical Research Samples” by “type” are obtained from IRB approved research study protocols with informed consent obtained from each subject enrolled. Specimens cannot be used for whole genomic sequencing of genetic material.