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Troponin T Clinical Research Samples

Discovery Life Sciences provides the highest quality Troponin T Clinical Research Samples and Residual Diagnostic Specimens from the Life Science Industry’s only convenient online, open access Biobank. 

  • All Troponin T Sample Orders are Packaged for Delivery within 24 Hours. 
  • All Specimens Ethically Obtained, De-Identified and provided with Highly Annotated Demographic and Clinical Data.
  • Select from an HHS/OHRP Compliant Biorepository following ISBER/BBRB Guidelines.
  • Packaged in Compliance with all UN Regulations (6.2) and U.S. DOT Hazmat regulations. 
Showing 81 of 81 total samples
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Showing 81 of 81 total samples
Product IDSampleOriginMatrixVial (ml)QuantityPriceAgeGenderEthnicityStorage TempSample DateTest 1Test Data 1Detail 1Test 2Test Data 2Product
Blood TypeICD10 codes
BBS0000-AU900099444012019DDTroponin TUSA1.751.00$85.0060 YMale<-70C20-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.042 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownE11.9, N18.3, B34.9, Z95.1, I10, Z89.439, E13.9, M54.12, B97.4, N32.89, C67.8
BBS0000-AU900099876122918DDTroponin TUSA1.251.00$85.0063 YFemale<-70C29-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.014 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownN19
BBS0000-AU900100263012419DDTroponin TUSA1.751.00$85.0072 YMale<-70C24-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.043 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownC80.1, E11.9, J44.9, R32, R53.83, F05, M81.0, M48.00, I10, B00.9, N20.0
BBS0000-AU900100540022719DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$85.0068 YMale<-70C27-Feb-19Roche cobas e6020.162 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownF17.200, G89.18, J98.11, I95.9, D62, E87.1, E44.0, E66.9
BBS0000-AU900107209011919DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$85.0068 YMale<-70C19-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.049 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownI21.21, R53.81, I10, E78.5, R73.9, Z59.8, E87.1, I25.10, E44.0, R74.0, R56.9, G93.40, D72.829, G93.81, G40.109, R29.898, R41.3
BBS0000-AU900107247051618DDTroponin TUSA5.001.00$85.0076 YMale<-70C16-May-18Roche cobas e6020.01 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownC61
BBS0000-AU900107294071418DDTroponin TUSA1.251.00$85.0091 YMale<-70C14-Jul-18Roche cobas e6020.044 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownR32, N17.9, Z78.9, D50.9, E87.0
BBS0000-AU900107596041919DDTroponin TUSA1.001.00$85.0087 YMale<-70C19-Apr-19Roche cobas e6020.02 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownJ32.9, R42, I71.4, R73.09, M51.37, G25.2, R07.9, R91.1, I61.9, R47.01, K59.00, R59.0, F32.0, D69.6, I71.2, I62.9, I10, K21.9, R41.82, I48.0, R50.9
BBS0000-AU900109735020319DDTroponin TUSA1.001.00$85.0083 YMale<-70C03-Feb-19Roche cobas e6020.016 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK57.92, I25.118, S72.90XA, S72.009A, R41.0
BBS0000-AU900111654040519DDTroponin TUSASerum1.501.00$85.0062 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C05-Apr-19Roche cobas e6020.31 ng/mLTroponin TMatched SetDLS0090080, DLS0090081$85.00UnknownK74.60, E72.20, E16.2, I25.10, E87.70, E83.39, I48.91, Z94.4, Z29.8, K59.00, T81.30XA, T14.8XXA, E87.5, H30.91, H30.90, I95.9, T86.99, R07.9, E66.9, D75.89, Z09, R53.83, R41.0, E44.1
BBS0005-AU900022759042319DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.001.00$85.0085 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C23-Apr-19Roche cobas e6020.021 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownI25.10, M79.671, N40.0, K22.70, E78.5, I21.4, I50.9, N28.9, I48.91, I65.21, I65.22, K92.2, D62, K92.1, D64.9, D50.0, I10, N18.9, Z98.890
BBS0005-AU900023331122418DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0060 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.05 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK56.609, E43, I25.10, Z98.890, G89.18, E83.51, F41.9
BBS0005-AU900023339122418DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0062 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.019 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK22.0, F45.42, F32.0, R13.10, R06.02, J45.909, R09.1, M81.0, K22.70, K31.84, Z79.01, Q21.1, R20.0, I63.9, I73.00, T14.8XXA, K50.90, D64.9, R20.9, E78.5, I63.50, R91.8, K22.10, K94.13, M25.562, M17.12, M79.604, M25.551, M70.61, M79.7, K92.1, M76.01, M70.60, E43, K44.9, G89.22, I24.8
BBS0005-AU900023344122418DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.251.00$85.0058 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.106 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownN05.8, E78.5, I10, Z94.0, B97.89, E55.9, B18.2, H25.10, H04.129, H52.4, K43.2, T86.11, E11.9, N18.3, C79.51
BBS0005-AU900025809122418DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0069 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.347 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownM62.82, I10, E78.5
BBS0005-AU900026117010719DDTroponin TUSA1.751.00$85.0025 YFemale<-70C07-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.099 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownI35.8, R76.11, N17.9, Z98.890, Z51.81, E44.0, D62
BBS0005-AU900028905123018DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$85.0029 YFemale<-70C30-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.081 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownL70.0, K72.00, N17.9
BBS0005-AU900031000010519DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0064 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C05-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.038 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK60.3, Z72.0, S06.5X9A, Z91.89, R53.81, G93.9, E44.0, S92.353A, R57.9, R41.0, K92.2, F10.10, K70.30, K56.7, L89.91, N17.9, R41.82, E66.9
BBS0005-AU900032842080319DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.251.00$85.0059 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C03-Aug-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.024 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownZ95.2, Z79.01, I48.2, I27.20, I50.43, I25.10, Z01.818, Z87.828, J96.00, G89.18, R73.9, E43, L89.90, D72.829, F05, I46.9, K92.1, F41.9, R50.9
BBS0005-AU900035383021419DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.251.00$85.0088 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-Feb-19Roche cobas e6020.035 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownM89.9, M31.5, M81.0, M31.6, I77.6, R70.0, R79.82, R53.1, I48.91, I50.43, Z79.01, D50.0, F44.89, N18.3, N17.9, I13.10, E87.70
BBS0005-AU900035384021419DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0036 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-Feb-19Roche cobas e6020.022 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownM33.90, R06.00, R00.0, R53.1, R53.81
BBS0005-AU900037540082418DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.003.00$85.0070 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Aug-18Roche cobas e6020.016 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownR19.7, C56.1
BBS0005-AU900037542082618DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.001.00$85.0061 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C26-Aug-18Roche cobas e6024.59 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK92.1, E03.9, F17.200, F12.90, K62.5, A63.0, F32.9, E44.0
BBS0005-AU900037545092818DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum5.001.00$85.0071 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Sep-18Roche cobas e6020.029 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownE78.5, M06.9, M54.5, Z87.891, Z11.3, D64.9, F17.2, F17.200, R06.02, I50.9
BBS0005-AU900041311021119DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.251.00$85.0086 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C11-Feb-19Roche cobas e6020.09 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownE78.5, R42, Z99.2, E03.9, S52.90XA, S52.502A, E66.01, L89.319, S43.086A, W19.XXXA, N18.6, S43.004S, M21.821, N18.5, I16.0, E11.22, K55.069, I70.1, I42.8
BBS0005-AU900053776072219DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum4.001.00$85.0064 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C22-Jul-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.026 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownZ85.828, L72.3, D23.9, L82.1, L73.8, L81.6, L21.9
BBS0005-AU900053941051118DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum3.001.00$85.0088 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C11-May-18Roche cobas e6020.011 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownI35.9, K40.90, N42.89, D69.6, L80, I71.9, H74.09, H93.299, H26.493, Z80.42, R36.1, Z95.2, I34.0, I34.1, D64.9, N47.1, N35.9, R35.0, I48.1, R91.8
BBS0005-AU900055682032319DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0066 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C23-Mar-19Roche cobas e6020.383 ng/mLTroponin TMatched SetDLS0088377, DLS0088378$85.00UnknownD75.82, I48.91, E55.9, Z76.82, Z00.6, M85.80, R06.00, D62, R74.0, I35.1, G89.18, J98.11, M54.9
BBS0005-AU900057305052519DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0058 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C25-May-19Roche cobas e6020.028 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownK43.9, N18.9, N19, N18.6, E44.1
BBS0005-AU900058979092319DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum5.001.00$85.0072 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C23-Sep-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.02 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownN28.89, E85.81
BBS0005-AU900059117051718DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum3.001.00$85.0076 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C17-May-18Roche cobas e6020.014 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownE87.8, I10, H40.9, E03.9, G47.00, D84.9, E87.70, R11.2, R50.84, H01.009, H16.149
BBS0005-AU900067067012819DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0031 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.182 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownZ94.83, T85.698A, R19.8, F11.10, G89.29, F32.9, K92.0, R10.9, E10.10, G03.9, G40.209, K75.9, K74.60, R52, G47.00, S20.419A, N17.9, G93.40, R17, N18.4, R60.1, M79.89, E87.2, K92.1, Z01.818, K83.09, N18.6, B33.23, R07.9, O0002, R78.81
BBS0005-AU900071016011619DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.001.00$85.0043 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C16-Jan-19Roche cobas e6020.733 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownD64.9, D61.818, I25.2, F32.9, Z09, R51, D84.9, K21.9, K20.9, R11.0
BBS0005-AU900073371030819DDTroponin TUSA0.5 mL Serum1.501.00$85.0054 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C08-Mar-19Roche cobas e6020.017 ng/mLTroponin T$85.00UnknownI25.10, E11.621, E78.5, R05, K21.9, I10, K31.84, E10.8, R79.89, R22.1, G89.18, Z02.9, N17.9, E87.70, Z91.89, I31.3
DSP3800-AU900025766012819DDTroponin TUSADouble Spun Plasma1.001.00$100.0055 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Jan-19Roche cobas e 6020 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM16.11, M87.051, M19.90, F17.2, F17.200
DSP3800-AU900025767012719DDTroponin TUSADouble Spun Plasma1.001.00$100.0055 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C27-Jan-19Roche cobas e 6020 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM47.816, M25.559, M25.569, M54.5, I10, J43.2, M25.552, Z96.649, M25.561, R26.9, E66.9, N18.3, J44.9, F32.9, M17.11, Z96.659
DSP3800-AU900025768012819DDTroponin TUSADouble Spun Plasma1.001.00$100.0048 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Jan-19Roche cobas e 6020 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownR07.9, K21.9, E11.9, E66.9, E78.00, I10
DSP3800-AU900025769012819DDTroponin TUSADouble Spun Plasma1.001.00$100.0066 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Jan-19Roche cobas e 6020 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownN99.3, O0002, N39.3, R19.07, C96.4, C82.13
DSP3800-AU900025770012819DDTroponin TUSADouble Spun Plasma1.251.00$100.0078 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C28-Jan-19Roche cobas e 6020 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM32.9, E78.5, E05.90, I10, I48.91, C79.51
LHP0000-AU900023330122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0055 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.582 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownL70.8, D06.9, E66.9, M84.374A, S90.31XA, M77.41, M21.40, M79.671, Z91.19, R41.0, G72.9, M79.10, M62.81, R74.8, J96.01, R62.7, R13.10, K11.20, R00.0, I95.0, Z93.2, R59.1, M60.9, E66.01
LHP0000-AU900023332122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0067 YMaleUnknown<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.602 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownE78.2, I10, I20.9, E66.9, I25.110, E11.51, Z02.9, J98.11, D64.9, E87.70
LHP0000-AU900023333122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0084 YMaleHispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.334 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownZ86.79, I35.0, I50.42, N17.9, E11.8, E78.2, J43.8, N18.3, Z87.39, M35.3, G20, J96.01, I48.0, J94.8, L89.159, Z99.11, R41.0, E44.1, K92.2, R78.81, M06.9
LHP0000-AU900023334122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0088 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.05 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownE78.5, Z95.2, Z95.1, I10, Z95.0, R07.9, K43.9, K44.9, K21.9, I25.10, I25.2, R93.3, I48.91, I48.0, I24.8, M19.90, M10.9, O0002, Z79.01, K62.5, D68.9, N18.3, I34.0, E44.0, Z71.89, R06.02, I50.9
LHP0000-AU900023337122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0091 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.524 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownZ85.3, N60.11, I70.1, N18.3, E78.00, Z95.2, Z95.0, I25.10, I15.0, E11.22, E03.9, E55.9, E44.1
LHP0000-AU900023338122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0062 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.078 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM48.061, N18.3, D13.7, G47.30, K25.9, I25.10, F52.8, G47.33, J32.9, S70.00XA, R10.9, N40.0, E55.9, C25.4
LHP0000-AU900023340122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0092 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.649 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI10, N40.1, H47.019, Z96.1, H17.9, H18.52, L30.9, N47.1, H40.1132, I48.0, N17.9, E87.2, R57.0, I21.4, I25.110, I50.41, R73.03, R41.0, N17.0, I31.3, E44.1, E44.0, J96.01
LHP0000-AU900023341122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0061 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.28 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI25.10, N18.6, E10.29, I48.2, I34.0, I63.40
LHP0000-AU900023342122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0077 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.64 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI21.11, K92.0, I50.21, I10, E78.5, I48.0, R94.31, E44.1
LHP0000-AU900023343122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0058 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.05 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownK56.609, E43, I25.10, Z98.890, G89.18, E83.51, F41.9
LHP0000-AU900024189040519DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0062 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C05-Apr-19Roche cobas e6020.31 ng/mLTroponin TMatched SetDLS0090080, DLS0090081$100.00UnknownK74.60, E72.20, E16.2, I25.10, E87.70, E83.39, I48.91, Z94.4, Z29.8, K59.00, T81.30XA, T14.8XXA, E87.5, H30.91, H30.90, I95.9, T86.99, R07.9, E66.9, D75.89, Z09, R53.83, R41.0, E44.1
LHP0000-AU900025787051618DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma3.001.00$100.0079 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C16-May-18Roche cobas e6020.018 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI05.9, I10, E78.2, D75.9, I63.9, Z98.890, I34.0, I48.92
LHP0000-AU900025806122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0079 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.053 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownQ89.9, R97.20, R53.82, N40.1, R07.9, J96.01, T45.7X1A, I61.9, R47.01, R13.12, R41.0, S37.30XA, G81.90, N18.3, R33.9, R06.03, E44.1
LHP0000-AU900025807122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0066 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.123 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownR60.9, F10.10, M15.9, F17.200, I10, M47.817, M51.37, O0002, M48.061, M51.26, D17.79, G47.33, Z95.1, Z79.01, E78.5, R60.0, E10.22, R80.9, N19, N18.9, N17.9, I48.2, E44.1, M10.9, I50.41
LHP0000-AU900025808122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0036 YMaleUnknown<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.037 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownZ99.2, N18.6, I10, S81.809A, I25.10, E10.39, F17.2, F17.200, E66.9, K92.2, E07.9, E78.2, L98.9, J18.9, K21.9, E11.610, T82.590A, I73.9
LHP0000-AU900025821122418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0055 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.038 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI16.1, N18.3, E78.00, I50.33, F17.2, F17.200, J18.9
LHP0000-AU900031071051818DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma3.001.00$100.0074 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C18-May-18Roche cobas e6020.014 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI10, I35.0, E78.2, S06.6X0A, F10.27, F33.1, N40.1, F32.9, E44.0, F51.01, R63.4, F43.10, F10.20
LHP0000-AU900031088122518DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0069 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C25-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.32 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM62.82, I10, E78.5
LHP0000-AU900031089122518DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0058 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C25-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.079 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownZ87.39, M32.9, M79.7, I69.30, Q21.1, E78.2, D64.9, S70.12XA, E44.0, R13.12
LHP0000-AU900031090122518DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0062 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C25-Dec-18Roche cobas e6020.654 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownH25.13, H25.12, K57.30, I34.0, I34.1, H25.11, Z02.9, Z01.818
LHP0000-AU900037539080418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.003.00$150.0067 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C04-Aug-18Roche cobas e6021.22 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownI33.0, I10, R78.81, Z01.818, S21.109A, R57.0, I95.89, R74.0, D72.829, R68.0, R09.89, N17.9
LHP0000-AU900037541082418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.002.00$150.0085 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Aug-18Roche cobas e6021.84 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownE11.9, N18.9, E03.9, M10.9, I10, E78.5
LHP0000-AU900037543091318DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.003.00$150.0069 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C13-Sep-18Roche cobas e6021.81 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownE66.9, I10, E11.9, N18.3, D72.829, E44.1
LHP0000-AU900037544092018DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.252.00$150.0088 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C20-Sep-18Roche cobas e6021.74 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownZ85.820, I65.21, Z98.890, M10.9, D63.8, I45.10, Z95.5
LHP0000-AU900055681032319DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.501.00$100.0066 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C23-Mar-19Roche cobas e6020.383 ng/mLTroponin TMatched SetDLS0088377, DLS0088378$100.00UnknownD75.82, I48.91, E55.9, Z76.82, Z00.6, M85.80, R06.00, D62, R74.0, I35.1, G89.18, J98.11, M54.9
LHP0000-AU900057794033019DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.251.00$150.0072 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C30-Mar-19Roche cobas e6021.26 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownI24.9, R13.13, J96.90, M35.3, E78.5, D50.9, R10.9, I21.4, L89.300, Z98.61, E66.9, I50.23, J43.2, N17.9
LHP0000-AU900057795033019DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$150.0047 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C30-Mar-19Roche cobas e6021.83 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownG40.901, I10, I46.9, N18.3, R41.0, E66.01, R07.9
LHP0000-AU900058977091419DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma5.001.00$100.0074 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-Sep-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.02 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI10, K64.8, N41.0, M10.072, E78.2, K21.9, R80.8, R31.29, N04.9, E85.81, N40.1
LHP0000-AU900058978091419DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma4.001.00$100.0062 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-Sep-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.02 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownJ44.9, R55, M47.812, E44.0, E43, F17.2, F17.200, M79.604, L89.892, I26.99, J44.0, K92.2
LHP0000-AU900059114051418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma4.001.00$100.0049 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-May-18Roche cobas e6020.011 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownR94.31, I25.5, D62, Z95.811, Z79.01
LHP0000-AU900059115051418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma3.001.00$100.0085 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C14-May-18Roche cobas e6020.015 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownR06.00, I77.9, R09.89, I20.9, I73.9, R42, C34.91
LHP0000-AU900059124051718DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma3.001.00$100.0076 YMaleNon-Hispanic<-70C17-May-18Roche cobas e6020.014 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownE87.8, I10, H40.9, E03.9, G47.00, D84.9, E87.70, R11.2, R50.84, H01.009, H16.149
LHP0000-AU900068067062418DDTroponin TUSAL. Heparin Plasma1.001.00$100.0033 YFemaleNon-Hispanic<-70C24-Jun-18Roche cobas e6020.023 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownR53.83, N05.1, I10, G43.909, G51.0, M54.9, D61.818, J81.1, J18.9, E87.1, R10.11, G47.00, E03.9, H43.393, E55.9
LHP0000-AU900100704061718DDTroponin TUSA1.251.00$150.0073 YFemale<-70C17-Jun-18Roche cobas e6021.4 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownI63.9, I10, E78.2, E11.9, H40.9, M06.9, E66.9, I48.91, I21.4, I25.5
LHP0000-AU900100705061818DDTroponin TUSA1.002.00$150.0061 YFemale<-70C18-Jun-18Roche cobas e6021.14 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownE03.9, J44.9, J45.909, F32.9, F41.9, I10, M15.9, I25.10, E11.9, L25.9, H81.10, L57.8, L53.9, E55.9, O0002, E78.2, M54.5, L30.9, E66.09, T2DM, F17.2, F17.200, D72.829, E66.9, I21.3, I50.9, R53.81, R60.0, R58
LHP0000-AU900103019062318DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$150.0078 YMale<-70C23-Jun-18Roche cobas e6021.32 ng/mLTroponin T$150.00UnknownE11.9, Z86.73, E11.65, E44.0, K92.2, L89.310, L98.492, Z95.5, L97.409
LHP0000-AU900103020062418DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$100.0017 YMale<-70C24-Jun-18Roche cobas e6020.021 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownJ30.89, J45.909, I51.4
LHP0000-AU900103021062418DDTroponin TUSA1.501.00$100.0041 YFemale<-70C24-Jun-18Roche cobas e6020.014 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownZ68.39, O99.119, I61.5, G91.1, I16.1, Z99.11, O92.79, Z91.89, R50.9, R41.0, Z97.8, O86.20, I63.9, I63.413, Z78.9, J96.01, G93.6, G93.5, G93.2, R40.20
LHP0000-AU900103022061818DDTroponin TUSA1.001.00$100.0088 YFemale<-70°C18-Jun-18Roche cobas e6020.017 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownM17.10, R51, M54.5, E11.21, E11.22, E11.42, F41.1, M81.0, H61.21, K59.01, M25.562, M17.12, Z96.651, Z96.1, H35.373, R19.5, Z98.41, E11.37X3, E78.2, E11.3293
LHP0000-AU900107248051618DDTroponin TUSA3.501.00$100.0076 YMale<-70C16-May-18Roche cobas e6020.01 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownC61
LHP0000-AU900107249051618DDTroponin TUSA3.001.00$100.0063 YMale<-70C16-May-18Roche cobas e6020.013 ng/mLTroponin T$100.00UnknownI10, M51.9, M51.26, M51.37, O0002, F33.1, I71.03, R56.9, M25.569, S82.899A, E87.6, R45.851, G40.901, J96.00, E87.2, M54.5, M62.89, I35.1, F33.2, G40.201, Z98.890, G40.909, G40.919
LHP0000-AU900350825092719DDTroponin TL. Heparin Plasma4.501.00$100.00 YFemaleUnknown<-70C27-Sep-19Roche cobas e602 | ECLIA0.024Troponin T$100.00Unknown

Keep in mind that all the samples comprised in the Research Sample Biobank represent only a small number of the clinical research specimens available through our Discovery Partners™ clinical research programs. If you can’t find the specific sample type, specimen or biofluids you are looking for please make sure to call our client services group at 805.528.4341 - and ask how we can help support your project from resources available at active clinical sites.

Please read carefully before purchasing:

Clinical specimens for research use only.

Transmissible Infectious Risk! May be HIV, HBV and HCV REACTIVE or of unknown infectious agent test status. Materials provided are derived from human blood, tissue and other bio-fluids. Handle all samples as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Practice good laboratory technique and dispose of in properly marked medical waste.

If you need help searching for a LARGER SAMPLE SET with specific data elements, please contact our Client Services group who can format Excel spreadsheets for a comprehensive review of all available samples: USA (805) 528-4341

These products are supplied without warranty for suitability for specific applications or analytical determinations.

Specimens and data will be may be used for general biomarker research, assay and instrument validation purposes only. All Research products identified as “Diagnostic Remnant Samples” are human biological materials leftover from routine laboratory analysis and are de-identified (coded) to protect subject confidentiality. Under OHRP definition 45 CFR 46.102(f) these coded specimens are not considered subjects for Human research requiring informed consent. Specimens cannot be used for whole genomic sequencing of genetic material. Research products designated as “Clinical Research Samples” by “type” are obtained from IRB approved research study protocols with informed consent obtained from each subject enrolled. Specimens cannot be used for whole genomic sequencing of genetic material.