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Product ID: BBS0000-G2900433674100518D1 | Heart Failure | Clinical Research Sample


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BBS0000-G2900433674100518D1 Heart Failure Ukraine Serum
1.00 Diagnostic Clinical Samples $200.00
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Test 1:
ECG | Heart
Test Data 1:
Detail 1:
Sinus rhythm irregular. Deviation of the electrical axis of the heart to the left, single atrial extrasystoles 09/06/2019
Test 2:
Laboratory results
Test Data 2:
C-reactive protein (CRP) - 0.82 mg/l; Creatine Kinase-MB (CPK-MB) - 11 U/l; Troponin I - <0.1ng/ml; NT-proBNP - 36.63 pg/ml
Detail 2:
Test 3:
HIV I & II | HBV | HCV Results
Test Data 3:
Detail 3:
Blood Type: Unknown
Co-morbidities: Chronic cholecystopancreatitis 01/01/2008, Arterial hypertension 01/01/2009
Current Medications: Trifas (Torasemide) 5 mg, Lisinopril 20 mg, Carvedilol 25 mg
Height: 64.56999999999999 in
Weight: 180 lbs
Is Pregnant: False
Menopausal Status: Postmenopausal
Smoking Notes: Non-Smoker
Symptoms: Shortness of breath during physical exertion, interruptions in the work of the heart, Cor-tons arrhythmic, emphasis II tone on the aorta, swelling of the legs.
X-Ray | Chest The heart is enlarged to the left, the lungs are clean, the roots are dense, and the broncho-vascular pattern is strengthened.
ECG | Heart Systolic metabolic dysfunction of the left ventricle persists. The wall of the left ventricle is not thickened.
Treatment of Comorbidities Trifas (Torasemide), Lisinopril, Magnicor (com drug: acetylsalicylic acid, magnesium hydroxide), Atorvacor (Atorvastatinum)
Diagnosis Arterial hypertension, grade II, stage II, risk II; Hypertensive retinal angiopathy in both eyes; Dysmetabolic cardiomyopathy; Heart failure, grade I. Functional class, grade I (NYHA).

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Clinical specimens for research use only.

Transmissible Infectious Risk! May be HIV, HBV and HCV REACTIVE or of unknown infectious agent test status. Materials provided are derived from human blood, tissue and other bio-fluids. Handle all samples as if capable of transmitting infectious agents. Practice good laboratory technique and dispose of in properly marked medical waste.

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